“I Want To Be A Billionaire” Teen Coin Business Program

The first award designed to help create awareness of cryptocurrency for Teens put forth by Teen Coin is the “I Want To Be a Billionaire Project.”  The concept builds on Global Foundation’s Competition created by the Billionaire László Szombatfalvy.


  • We are accepting Business Ideas from Individuals or Organization that want to use Teen Coin Cryptocurrency to grow their business models.  Successful ideas will be funded to help grow the Teen Coin ecosystem.


  • To help young entrepreneurs engage in the cryptocurrency ecosystem safely, and affordably, and provide a cryptocurrency toolkit for business development.


  • The Teen Coin Foundation is offering 1 Million Coins per approved concept submission, and up to an additional 20 Million to support development funding.


Multiple submissions are accepted until deadline of December 31, 2018.

please complete the contact form to submit your idea and get sponsored



4 Thoughts

  1. I would love to work for your community as a moderator for your telegram community. I have been in crypto for 2yrs and have gained lots of experience in crypto marketing sector

    I have worked as a community moderator for several icos , including big icos like

    I will help moderating the community by

    – Answering questions from investors
    – making sure the group is spam free
    – keeping a healthy discussion
    – Making sure it’s gets up to date with latest news about the project

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