How To Buy Teen Coin On Stock Exchange

Now everyone can buy Teen Coin with little to no effort in this easy step by step tutorial.

Teen Coin is sold on the Bleutrade Stock exchange, currently priced at 1,000 Coins per 1 Cent.

As stated in our whitepaper, we want the kids of America, and other countries to be able to have lots of coins for little investments so they can run their businesses, play games, and have fun.

In the future, as more people take on the coins, the price will increase, and early investors will be rewarded with profits.  In a way, this is kind of like a stock trading game, but offers real rewards.


The first things you want to do is buy some bitcoin using and buy some coins from a local seller.  Buy as much as you can afford, but start small, as you can always buy more later.


Once you have purchased some Bitcoins, go to and create account.

Register and then click on wallet and deposit your Bitcoin to your Bitcoin Wallet, then you can start trading!

When you first Login, you will come to the Landing Page, so you will need to click on PRO (highlighted segment) to see all the markets.


Once you have clicked on Exchange Pro, it is time to click on the SHOW MARKETS tab.


Then you can see all the markets, with the main pairs of BTC, DOGE, ETH, HTML, at the top.  Click on the BTC tab and buy some HTML, then Click on the HTML Tab and then you can see TEEN!



Teen is one of the cheaper coins because it has a larger supply and is geared for mass adoption for people all over the world.  Once you buy TEEN you can send it to your friends at school, family members overseas, and business partners around the world.

Simply fill out how much you want to buy and click confirm order!


You can also buy lots of TEEN at the low price now, and put it for resale on the market for others to buy as the value of the project continues to grow.  This is called business investing, and something everyone should learn about at an early age.


We encourage everyone to learn more about our project, and also to create an account at so you can earn coins from contests and airdrops!



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