Cryptocurrency Traders Club Welcomes You!

Now is the time for all youth, students, adults, and teachers to embrace the cryptocurrency revolution.  The problem so far with cryptocurrency is that the industry has been ripe with scams, and often over-priced for the average joe to get into the buying, selling, and trading.  Well, here is an opportunity that you should take note of.

Welcome to MyTeenCoin (, a cryptocurrency dedicated to fun, games, and educating people about cryptocurrency.  It’s primary goal is to educate people about the uses of the blockchain and how it can help the world solve problems, manage IT systems, increase order, and provide open and transparent file storage solutions.

Before we get into all the mumbo-jumbo of the technical sides, we want to help students, youth group leaders, mentors, and educators start their own Cryptocurrency Traders Club at their local church, school, university, or college.

We believe that with our help, your club can be just as successful as the Rotary, Gamers Club, Chess Club, Geo Club or any other club at your university.  In fact, we think it can be more successful.  We are offering total support to help you get your club started, and also offering payment to new members so attracting club members can be fun and easy during frosh week.

For club founders, we offer $50 USD via paypal, 100,000 Teen Coin, and all new members get 2,000 Teen Coin.  We also provide fundraising support and other support for special events and parties.





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