Teen Coin Price Analysis

How Should I Play The Teen Coin Markets?

As many of you have noticed over the past few week, the price of Teen has been moving between a range of .09 html, and .30 html, after dropping from it’s first day trade of a price of 100 html for 1 Teen.

The buy support, for bag holders who are holding, should be around the .09, .10 html position, as this allows early investors to cash out with small profit, and new investors to accumulate large amounts at a very cheap price.  As you can see from the orders above, this is my strategy, as I am trying to buy millions in orders to buy and hold for a couple years until new programs are in place and the demand is greater.  Those who have a small amount of investment, and strong patience, to work with can also do this style.

There is no gurantee that anyone will sell me their coins this low, so if you want your coins more fast, then you can buy at market price, or bid at higher price.

For example, you can see some people are selling at .16, which is still a very good price, and your order can be filled instantly.

Some people who want to get a large amount, and still provide buy support may want to put their buy order from the .12 html to .15 html position, as there has been selling activity in this price range over the past couple weeks, and will likely continue until more volume on the market is achieved.

Once we see larger volumes of trades with coins changing hands into holders bags, then the price will increase more rapidly.



Teen Coin is like any other investment, and just like the stock market, there are many things to consider.

  1. Supply.  How many coins are there?   In this case, there is a vary large supply (8.5 BLN Circulating), which makes for very large purchases at a very low price.  This is like playing the penny stocks, except penny stocks are often much more volatile than Teen Coin, which is a new project with an awesome development plan and roadmap.
  2. Integration:  The coin is already well integrated, with airdrops, bounty, aircoins, and new exchange listing and programs being announced in the coming weeks.
  3. Demand:  We anticipate the coin to have increased demand within the coming months, and within two years to have a regular market and adoption cycle that can be more thoroughly analyzed.  At this time, we expect the price of Teen to be on par with HTML, or higher.


Larger Market Analysis

The Crypto markets have been showing increased volatility, but the upswing is just around the corner given the recent approval of ETFs and other public investment firms now acquiring Bitcoin.  This will induce a trickle down effect to the younger generations where Teen is geared for adoption and use.


Read the whitepaper
Telegram Links:
Global (en):
Twitter Link:
Instagram Link:
 *click website,  click menu, view whitepaper b4 asking faqs.
 “Teen Coins are to create awareness among younger generations by reducing the risk of using expensive cryptocurrencies.  It is designed for mass adoption through fun and engaging ways in order to create awareness and knowledge about cryptocurrencies.
Teen is listed on Bleutrade:

Teen will be listed on http://htmlbunker.com.br/ in a few weeks. Stay tuned for updates.

Collect Teen Coin in the Aircoins Games now.  Search for Aircoins in App Store or visit their website: www.aircoins.co

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