Computer Science Education Week  — Learn how you can help your children get credit for computer science.

Did you know that the Blockchain is a part of Computer Science education, and that Teen Coin is working to become a curriculum developer to provide educational resources for teachers?


You can do your part by helping your community spend an hour coding or learning more about computing.



How to Help

Advocate for computer science locally

Ask your local school district if they offer computer science classes. Petition your state to allow computer science to count for math/science graduation credit.

Host an Hour of Code – at work or in your community

Over 30 million people of all ages have learned an Hour of Code. Join Us. Then, encourage your students to learn beyond one hour, or to sign up for a local camp or workshop.

Make a donation to support Computer Science Education Week

Computer Science Education Week is organized by, a public 501c3, with support from the general public. We’ve been overwhelmed by small and large acts of generosity from individuals and companies who support our vision. All donations made during Computer Science Education Week will be used to recoup the costs of organizing the week, and any additional donations will be saved for future weeks.

Are you a software engineer? Help spread computer science

If you’re already a software engineer, there are many opportunities to get involved locally.

  • – Sign up at to hear about volunteer opportunities near you.
  • CoderDojo – Start a Dojo in your neighborhood, mentor children to learn to code.
  • TEALS – Volunteer to teach Intro and AP CS classes 2 days a week in local high schools.
  • Citizen Schools – Volunteer to teach computer programming in extended-day programs at schools.

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