Buy, Sell, Trade Teen Coin

Wondering how to buy and sell Teen? 

Read the outline below and start your investment on the right track.

My Teen Coin: Hrc20 (Althash):


  • Cheaper (.0000004 cents per transaction

  • Faster  (1 Second to 8 hours….average time around 60 seconds.

  • Aircoins game token (

  • Sold on Bleutrade Exchange

Disadvantages for accountability, but good for anonymity:

  • Does not show transaction data in wallets on the explorer

  • Trading does not write to blockchain

Sold at Bleutrade


My Teen Coin ERC20 (Ethereum):


  • Can buy, sell, and record trade transactions directly to erc20 blockchain (good for record-keeping)
  • Imtoken and Paytomat erc20 Mobile Wallets.
  • Anonymous Trades on DEX exchange (Saturn.Network)
  • A test project for high school and college students


  • Higher transaction costs

Sold on Saturn.Network Exchange:





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