Coin Currency News Adopts My Teen Coin

MyTeenCoin has partnered with the Coin Currency News Group and is working to find developers to create widgets to accept payments.

10% of revenue will be used to buyback and burn teen coin each month starting in September, 2019. We hope to accept both types of payment on our sites (hrc20 teen, and erc20 teen).

We honor both types of currency on our network.

Now we have a coin to do business with.  We look forward to growing Teen Coin in 2019 in many new ways, and encourage investors, partners, and businesses to start integrating Teen Coin brand into their sites.

Now the plan is share the news about Teen Coin to advertisers and press release groups who regularly network in the news media industry so in 6 months we can look at engaging them into the system.

“This adds a good use case for Teen Coin in a fast-growing industry where we have been playing for years, and eventually our news partners can publish directly to the sites of their choice.”

We are moving forward to establish HRC20 as a liquid token for multiple businesses, and use the ERC20 token as a method for awarding educational credits.

If you want to help develop and test the project, or become involved, email

Clients can now manually pay in either hrc20 or erc20, and the news team is working on a payment widget button to allow for faster payments processing, as the process is still in manual phase.



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