New Teen Coins, New Directions in 2019

Thanks for the awesome 2018!

We really rocked this year and made more happen in just a few short months than most projects do in their entire lives. HRC20 (tokens on and ERC20 (school credit tokens) can both be bought, sold, and traded!   Watch these projects gain momentum in the next 2 years!

Hrc20 (althash)Trading Coins here on Bleutrade, ERC20 on Saturn.Wallet

Within the high school and college blockchain courses, we are equipping students with a digital infrastructure to build their special projects across the Coin Currency News suite of websites, and partner websites.

Students can then publish their final project to the site of their choice, where it will remain, and add content to the ecosystem of the blockchain, and secure our students, and our project’s future.

I hope to be done writing this course by February 12, 2018, and to be teaching this course live to students in September, 2019.

Let’s make 2019 a year of unification.

We expect partners to take an interest in these projects, and to express interest to so we can make planning and correspondence regarding translation of courses into your home country’s language and websites in your language.




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