Htmlcoin request for comment?

As everyone knows, Myteen was built on ERC20, but later migrated to HRC20 for convenience, but so far we have not received any formal support or comment about the project from HTML Coin group?  Why not?

PLEASE PROVIDE ANSWERS BEFORE MARCH 25 meeting by commenting below, or on twitter:


Dear Amando and Althash support:

We want to know if we should continue our development on HRC20, or move to ERC20?

  • Should MyTeen continue to develop on Althash blockchain?
  • What support will it receive from Html Coin group?
  • Is the MyTeen Althash blockchain secure?
  • Can HTML coin provide funding for MyTeen to continue development on their blockchain as part of an insurance, or re-assurance program that helps ensure the blockchain is safe?   Or, what is the incentive to use Althash?


  • At the March 25th meeting, we will have a discussion of choosing which blockchain and which exchanges we want to list on and reformat our plans and cut our losses, or move forward with assurance from our partners that the blockchain is safe and secure?


  • We will also invite the Aircoins team, and shareholders to the Google meeting so we can update our news and business at that time about Blockchain use and wallet options.


We will also discuss new business, and updates from Q1 development.


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