MyTeen announces shareholder dividend

Hey Shareholders!

It is time for a dividend announcement!

We are giving Teen Coin shareholders a Synchrocoin dividend.

For every 1,000,000 hrc20 teen coin (althash blockchain) you will receive 1 SYC coin on April 15, 2019.    (In April we will make announcement with dividend form).

We have been looking at blockchain products for over 4 years and see that Synchrolife is an excellent business and will continue to take an interest in this project.

While the dividend of 1 SYC is not worth lots of dollars now, the real dividend is our announcement that we are supporting this project, and encourage our partners to also invest in SYC as part of a strong growth model for providing food and drinks to our members to prevent starvation.

We hope to invest in SYC and help start new restaurants accepting in countries so SYC can be used as payment for food.

For now, we will bless you with 1 SYC per 1,000,000 (1 Million MyTeen Coin).

If you have some funds, you may want to invest in SYC before the Tokyo pitch presentation on March  7 when the announcement is made.






you can deposit your synchrocoin on the Synchrolife app, trade on LaToken, and earn in the App.




Business Model Strengths

SynchroLife aims to build a worldwide restaurant review platform that solves the problems of restaurant discovery with AI and a token economy. The SynchroCoin (SYC) is used as a reward for posting restaurant reviews and as cashback rewards for dining at participating restaurants. In the future, the SynchroCoin will also be usable for payment at restaurants.

A Social and Global Restaurant App with AI

World’s First Token Rewards for Restaurant Reviews

Autonomous Growth Through a Token Economy

1% Tokens Cashback When Dining Out

Benefits of Using Tokens to Buy Coupons

Wallet-based Payment Business

SynchroLife Beta Traction
SynchroLife attracted over 170,000 restaurant reviews and 420,000 photos during its beta release in Japan and continues to grow daily.
  • Reviews
  • Photos


※As of July 2018



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