MyTeen Coin April 2019 Progress Report

A Good Start

MyTeen continued outreach in April with a new contest, and an art contest, as well as deploying some affiliate marketing programs at the basic level.


The coins are likely still undervalued due to lack of buy-in, but some investors are beginning to take an interest in the project as a longer-term investment.

Teen Coin enters bull market

The average price of Teen Coin varied from .02 -.13 during April, and is likely to start climbing as more people become aware of its potential as a cryptocoin for youth.

Once the younger generations become versed in trading coins, Teen Coin will likely become more popular.


Work continues to be done at the high school and college level to raise awareness of these coins as a platform for sending and receiving payments between friends, family, and class-mates.


Teen Coin enters bull market




More Work Needs To Be Done

The Teen Coin project team is continuing its basic outreach with organizations and small groups to begin taking an interest in how teen coin works, and some of the perks of having a decent supply.

One of the more recent campaigns has been to attract The Music Works to engage in a crypto-agreement to promote the K-Pop Band Myteen as part of a crpytocurrency branding project. More work is being done to attract Myteen music fans to the Myteen Coin as an acceptable crpyto coin for music downloads and concert ticket sales.


Since Teen Coin is not a new project, but a culmination of projects, it has seeds planted in different areas that may add value to the project as it grows. With Coin Currency News having a vested interest in the project, and recently partnering with Transmedia Group after years of talks, it is a welcome realization that work is continuing, and growth for the project is projected into the future and more operations become tied into the teen coin system.

Market Research Division Begins Collecting Data

Mr. Chernish recently created the Solar Registry Survey to begin collecting data on Solar Electricity Consumption.  Please take a minute to complete the survey and get a copy of the results. In the future, Teen Coin may be an acceptable form of payment for solar revenue generation opportunities.

Inter-County Solar Research Survey




More Work Behind The Scenes

Due to the decentralized nature of Teen Coin and its silent partners, only submitted news is shared in the monthly report, but the many facets of Teen Coin continue to draw the attention of new investors and project partners who want to develop the project in their own way. Part of ongoing work involves attracting investors, as well as building the Teen Coin Network and affiliate program through contests and new business.

Thanks to all the investors and shareholders and loyal project supporters in this long term venture.


Next round of dividends and payouts is May 28, 2019.

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