Teen Coin Announces Treasure Guild Marketplace DApp




DApp for MyTeenCoin.     AGES 13 and Up

Collect real life treasure caving, beach-combing, hunting, searching with metal detectors or super sleuthing and post your top find on the app so people can see them.

Open to outdoor clubs such as Scouts, Beavers, Summer Camps, or interested merchants and treasure hunters who want to join a treasure hunter’s guild that uses crypto as a form of trade for rare finds.

Items of interest: Cutlery, Old Rings, Coins, Phones, Gems, Books, Art, Tools, any other Treasures….

  • starter limit of 1 item per person…add more items as experience in the guild increases. Add a new image and remove old one at any time along with terms of deal description and suggested price.
  • Buyer and Seller agree to terms of deal at time of deal through chat by sharing contact info. by hitting the like button.
  • Deposit Teen Coin direct in the app and pay for products, increase trust, and reputation as buyer and seller to unlock higher merchant tiers.
  • Earn teen coin for top treasure finds and treasure hunting contests.


What is Relic Hunting?

We know that being a treasure hunter is not an easy job. It requires skill and training, research, and above all, dedication to the sport of finding good items.

For example, if Nugget Noggin wanted to share his treasure in the app, he could post his top find, and someone could use Teen Coin to bid on it.

Buyer and seller agree to terms of auction at time of auction, with the bid platform just being used as a place to collect bids and showcase items for the treasure hunter’s guild.

Relic Hunting is Becoming More Popular in the United States and Canada

Share your treasures and finds in the TEEN COIN TREASURE GUILD DApp……estimated time of arrival November, 2019.


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