TEEN / HTML Strategic Partner 2019-2020



Teen Coin has also asked HTML Corporate development to take a larger interest in the project, suggesting that HTML has plateaued it’s branding efforts, and that Teen could be used as a stronger and more powerful tool to add value to HTML as a utility token. This move would be a game changer for HTML community, and also cause a large uptake of TEEN coin via exchange trading, which would add a favorable outcome to HTML supporters.

“To get the HTML community to adopt Teen Coin as their main coin and use HTML as a utility would be a huge win for everyone to overcome the sub-satoshi problem. Using Teen as the vehicle to break out of the sub-satoshi model, supported by the HTML Community, would be a game-changer for the world.”

New efforts could be focused on TEEN development and existing holders would receive the benefits of an international adoption campaign through increase valuation, and the opportunity of seeing TEEN listed with new pairs, allowing HTML a new revenue outstream into higher classed coins.

Exchanges looking to add TEEN would also have to use the HTML Blockchain, securing the HTML Coin as a utility token. Having HTML as a controlling partner would definitely allow for it to regain control of it’s brand, and outsource new branding initiatives under the TEEN Coin model. With roots in education, and a growing number of interested partners  in TEEN, having HTML be a partner sooner than later would be best for everyone.

“I hope to hear back from HTML on how we can make a plan to use TEEN in new ways, and to create business, and regain control of the markets above a sub-satoshi level. Investors in Teen are the same investors in HTML, so it makes sense to grow the project and secure HTML’s future as utility token through the adoption by the younger generation using TEEN.”

The idea would be to list all the Teen Coins at a 1:1 price level, so anyone who wanted to take part in the campaign could…..Then the idea would be to grow the value of TEEN so it could compete against BTC, ETH, and other coins that HTML cannot due to supply constraints.

“This could save HTML and it’s community, and is a really good plan to overcome the depression, while adding fairness, and a new hope to our community.”

This would be an excellent comeback for HTML and it’s community after the months of negative and depressing downturns in price. Rallying around Teen Coin from within the HTML community would create a much more dynamic growth opportunity for long-term HTML supporters and the enterprise as a whole.”

While Amando and developers at HTML Coin have not turned down the idea, they are still very busy with developments on HTML Coin. To get their buy-in and support would be a game-changer for the HTML Community and the business because it will add new vertical markets and campaign options previously unavailable.

We look forward to having HTML join us as a major partner so the community can invest in the project while it is still a startup, and then reap the rewards after the concerted development and marketing outreach effort, that will have to come from within.


Initial resistance to this move is possible, but HTML community knows it is a good strategy to get HTML and value back after months of lower value trades.


By hedging into Teen as a community, and then promoting world-wide can only mean good things for HTML and it’s community.

Being listed on the Bunker exchange and growing our presence worldwide through a joint effort to reward all long-term HTML supporters and regain confidence as a leading enterprise in the blockchain industry is the ultimate goal of this project.


“This has always been about HTML, in many ways, this project is HTML. To make the connection of using HTML as a utility token and have TEEN blaze the trail for the future users of cryptocurrency would cement the legacy of both projects well into the future and add the much need game-changing momentum and value to the HTML community, which it so strongly desires.”






Administration has decided to cancel the dividend program to prevent dilution, and approved the registration bonus for new users on Bleutrade.

Congratulations to all Teen Coin Holders who received the May Dividend, it will be the one and only dividend of this type.

In the coming weeks, we are working with the Bleutrade Exchange to offer 10,000 Teen Coin to the next 10,000 registrations for a total of 100 Million Teen Coin being donated to the campaign.


We expect this to provide good publicity to new registrations and allow us to promote Bleutrade Exchange as part of an educational effort on teaching people how to trade coins.


New users should see their Teen Coin balance in their wallets upon registration, or after their first deposit, depending on how Bleutrade decides to administer the program.


It will be an extra bonus for people who already participate in the referral program at Bleutrade since now people can tell their friends and family to register and get the added Teen Coin bonus.

This model makes much more sense to diversify the shareholders within the Teen Coin model, and a dividend model may work again in 2020 once more people have taken an interest in Teen Coin.




Members are also very happy to announce the Teen Coin listing on the Bunker Exchange, and efforts have been made to establish a larger market in Brazil, where Teen is a natural fit. More news will be announced once the Teen Coin begins trading on the HTMLBunker (in the next couple weeks), and are glad to see the Bunker taking an active role in MyTeen.


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