MyTeenCoin Applies To Creative Investor Pitch 2019

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  1. Give us your high-level pitch
    Teen Coin: A Coin For the younger generation
  2. Describe your business
    I’ve built a cryptocurrency geared towards youth and have integrated it into a network around the globe, from schools, to community groups, and larger scale investors.
  3. Company Logo
    teencoin.PNG Download
  4. Which type of product are you building?
  5. URL Pitch
  6. Which milestones have you reached to date?
    Core business concept defined Prototype/MVP built Company registered/incorporated Funding raised
  7. Which fields/tags are your startup involved in?
    Fintech, Education, Fun, Games
  8. Picture of Product, Service or the Essence of your company
    mteen.jpg Download
  9. If you have a website for your business, please share the address.
  10. Who is on your team?
    237 advisors in telegram group and twitter, along with public and private exchange traders.
  11. Is your company legally registered as a business in your country?
    Yes, our company is legally registered
  12. Please upload documentation proving your business registration in your country.
    coincurrencynews.PNG Download

Business Concept

  1. Short description of product or service
    Blockchain token for teens to learn about the blockchain and cryptocurrencies.
  2. What makes your business unique?
    geared towards the younger demographic.
  3. What are your competitive advantages?
    low costs and focus on fun and games.
  4. Please describe the specific problem that your product or service solve for the customers and the importance of this.
    providing education about blockchain technologies such as bitcoin with fear of losing money or using coins. Having fun with teen coin playing games and building social networks.
  5. How does your product or service add value to the customers when solving a specific problem?
    It can remove the problem of having to deal with a specific merchant, and can be used for local trading, buying, selling, and as a open-source business tool.
  6. What are the specific characteristics of the customers you are targeting?
    motivated cryptocurrency coin traders and stock exchange traders.
  7. How do you reach, keep and develop your relation to your customers?
    First, we introduce them to the concept of cryptocurrency and use our coin as a model for trading, sending, receiving, and building use cases around…..all with the central focus of using the TEEN COIN model.
  8. What is the current situation in the market you are addressing?
    a growing number of coin genres competing for limited number of users, we focus on new users, particularly younger ones.
  9. How do you see the market developing in the future and how will it affect the
    I see more adoption of our coin because it is novel and unique, and focused on fun and removes a lot of the worries for investing.
  10. How will you measure if the company progress towards growth?
    number of followers on social media and market trading activity.
  11. What is your revenue and from which activities and customers is it generated?
  12. Describe your costs
  13. What are your key resources?
  14. Which steps are taken to secure IPR and other rights?
  15. Is your business scalable and in what way?
    it is decentralized.
  16. What are your next steps?
    continuing local and international outreach and training to deploy more market activity.
  17. What do you need in order to succeed?
    nothing, we are already successful.
  18. What is your experience with investors so far?
  19. What stage is the business currently at in relation to investments?
    publicly traded
  20. What type of investors and what amount of investments do you want to attract and why?
    savvy investors who enjoy being involved in project creation, direction, and business development.
  21. What are you ready to give investors in return?
    the opportunity to be part of a successful and growing business in a vertical market.
  22. Where have you heard about Creative Business Cup?
    Emailed me.

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