MyTeenCoin Gaming Concept to Fight Teen Violence

MyTeenCoin VLT Game Concept

It has long been our goal to create a slot-style casino -game to raise awareness of MyTeen’s fight against violence. We believe that our game will allow people to show their support to ending violence while also being able to learn how cryptocurrency works, and how it can be used for meaningful projects.

We are willing to commit 100% of the game revenues to funding support programs and agencies to strengthen our role as a leading fighter against abuse on teenagers and youth.

When the Teen Coins align in a row it triggers the bonus mode where players can then watch their teen coins do a whirlwind of damage in the form a magic spell against their opponent.

In our game, players have the chance to be a disgruntled youth fighting back against a corrupt society, or a drug peddlar pushing drugs and violence onto the teens.

We try to use a comic-approach to a new genre, while also aiding real life people who suffer from abuse.

In the game, players can wager Teen Coin, and win Teen Coin, and help support our fight against abuse on Teens.






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