MyTeenCoin Applies For LeanLab Education Bursary

MyTeenCoin is pleased to announce it has accepted an invitation from LeanLab to apply for the Kansas City K12 Fellowship.



The award would bring MyTeen exposure to up to 100,000 students in a setting where they could learn about blockchain technology, wallets, and sending and receiving coins, as well as the student business program.

“We think this bursary is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for teachers and educators to bring in a safe and fun crpytocurrency geared towards youth while providing long-term growth and future financial security to KC.”

The goal of education has always been to equip students with skills and tools to succeed in life, and adding MyTeenCoin as an option for students may be a game-changer for education.



Building on the Blockchain Technology Course introduced by Blyth Academy in March 2019 that was developed by members from the MyTeecoin development team, the project is making gains in the educational space.


“While we haven’t directly introduced MyTeenCoin in the classroom, or in courses, I am working to build the educational ecosystem around the blockchain. When schools and colleges are ready to use MyTeenCoin for advancement purposes, the door will be open.”


Many educational institutions have used Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies as part of their infrastructure and planning models, but none have stepped up and adopted MyTeenCoin as a coin to develop with. Having Kansas, or another educational partner establish a stake in the coin and use it for educational and human advancement is an innovative and empowering process for educators and students.


Students will see the future of technology continue to evolve past the lifetimes of their teachers, and learning about MyTeenCoin at such an early age in the blockchain ecosystem will give them the knowledge, technology, and understanding to succeed in a globalized world.


Poverty and financial security are some of the biggest stresses in life, and we hope that our educational partner will help give students a financial toolkit for success so they can focus on being productive and helpful to the world.

In December, MyTeenCoin reached out to the Future Business Leaders of America to introduce the MyTeenCoin Business Program to educate youth about the blockchain.

While still working on this development, more tools such as the blockchain education course for high schoolers, and more community groups have been created, so there are becoming more and more tools available for students to make the leap to the blockchain. Having a centralized process like Leanlab’s will make it all the more easy, getting it closer to a win-win for everyone.


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