Teencoin and Royal Indigenous Cultural Group Create Token Economy

Yet another new, novel and unique disc overy has come to light with Teencoin. Leader of the Royal Indigenous Cultural Group, Mason Johnson said he is pleased to use Teen Coin to pay workers for retrieving fossils.

Within the rich oilsands region of Canada, and beyond, lies a vast indigenous reserve where native peoples often pick berries and hunt and fish. In these areas are rich fossil deposits and cultural relics, which Johnson said will be gathered piece by piece and then paid for in MyTeen Coin.

“Using teencoin to pay workers to collect fossils, gems, and other resources in our indigenous area is fun, exciting, and a new way to explore “hunting and gathering.

The expansive territory ranges 4000 acres and gives collectors a fun way to showcase their experiences cultural relics.

Project Manager Robert Chernish said “this is just one piece of a growing network of treasure hunters and historians who appreciate cultural and historical relics, and the concept of using MyTeen as a means of exchange will definitely create a token economy in these small trading circles,” he said.

“I think more and more coin collectors and relic hunters will start to see the value of teen coin as a versatile crypto that allows for easy exchange and strong growth potential. As we  see more avenues and business streets opening, we are also growing our blockchain integration and collaborative research programs.”

We are growing at an extremely fast pace, and starting to organize ourselves into a fairly logical and cohesive working unit, and look forward to more businesses recognizing our innovative approach to decentralized business, teamwork, and value-added service projects that reward early adopters.”

Showcase your item with a picture and sell price by using the #teencoin hashtag on twitter or instagram, and buyers will comment if interested.




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