MyTeen Coin Begins Pitch Deck Development

Request for interested parties to be included in the pitch deck:


Please email your name and suggested level of interest and desired job title for use within our pitch deck.

We have already began development of an organization team on F6S, but would like to continue to allocate interest to our members around the world who are interested in being on our development team as partners or affiliates.


Due to the decentralized nature of our projects, we would encourage members to submit a small photo and bio to be included in our membership team and applications for funding.


A key component to the pitch deck is having a strong advisory team, and investing partners, as well as affiliate partners located around the globe. MyTeenCoin has a large network of investors and shareholders, and is now calling to our partners to be included in our larger applications for project financing and business development.


Please submit a short bio (150 words or less) and a snapshot to be included in the application.


Robert Chernish is a project manager for MyTeenCoin, owner of Coin Currency News, and leading blockchain instructor in Canada.


Please reply or send your image and bio before July 20 so we can complete our Pitch Deck and apply for startup business contests. We look forward to celebrating our 1-year anniversary in September with some new partners, so be sure to email with photo and bio asap!

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