TEEN Coin turns one year old!

Teen recently celebrated it’s first birthday and is excited to go back to school this September with it’s new Ethereum mobile wallet Imtoken and listing on the Saturn.Network exchange.

Having the mobile wallet gives students the option to send coins back and forth to each other quickly and easily right on their cell phone in the classroom or during recess, which can become an essential part of the learning and games process.

Introducing students to teen coin and the mobile wallet is just the beginning. When students and investors want to cash out their coins for cash, then can do so on the Saturn Network exchange.

“We are continuing to work with students and investors who are interested in developing TEEN for projects and business as part of a young business leaders enhancement program this Fall, and new partnerships in 2020,” said project manager Robert Chernish.

With just a few weeks until school starts, students will be learning more about cryptocurrency than in the past, and TEEN Coin is working to be at the forefront of development for fun and games for students.

With the ERC20 mobile Wallet, people can buy MyTeen from the Saturn.Network exchange and then send it to their mobile wallets for easy storage and trading.



Users link their Saturn Wallet and then use it the same way as any other browser based wallet like Metamask or MEW to buy and sell coins. The interface is becoming more intuitive and easier for new students to equip themselves with Teen Coin for the classroom.




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