How To Buy and Sell Teen Coin on Exchange?

A lot of people are starting to wonder, “What is Teen Coin?”

Teen Coin is a cryptocurrency designed to help young entrepreneurs develop business use cases on the blockchain.

The coin can be bought, sold and traded between users……so how does it work?



Finexbox offers a centralized trading experience with outreach in Asia and surrounding markets to create a truly global trading experience.


First, let’s take a look at Teen Coin on the Saturn Network since it is a decentralized exchange allowing users to trade anonymously:

The Saturn Network is a decentralized cryptocurrency service provider for ETH and ETC tokens, and is the chosen exchange of Teen Coin because of it’s dedicated Development Team and best-in-class technology:

Installing Your Saturn Browser Wallet

saturn wallet instructions to trade teen

Once you have some small amount of ETH in your wallet to cover gas, you can then buy and sell Teen on Saturn Exchange. Then you can send to any ERC20 mobile wallet easily (Imtoken works great!) and convenient without KYC.




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