Financial Integration Work Continues

Teen Coin continues to integrate it’s financial network into smart devices using a new DNI (direct neural interface) protocol for exchange. Presently trading on the Saturn.Network exchange under the Ethereum Code, the project continues to grow in popularity.

After months of rigorous testing using Artificial Intelligence protocol with smart devices, TEEN will now be able to transact with non-human senders and receivers.

Buy some coins on the exchange and help us grow the business to the next level as we continue to work with both Canadian and American banks to have the assets listed on a traditional banking exchange.

Recently contacted by TD Ameritrade to have Teen listed on their platform, management continues to explore options with both TD, and other banks like Scotiabank, CIBC, and ATB Financial.

Some of the advantages of a traditional bank hosting the Teen Coins on their exchange are the option to offer traditional investors a chance to get in on the cryptocurrency revolution.

Some of the ideas we have been discussing are focused on attracting youth, and younger investors to open a Teen Account at their local bank, where they will get 50 coins sent to their wallet for every dollar spent. They can then trade their coins on an external, or internal exchange.

We expect to have some more news in a few weeks regarding our partner developments, and are continuing to explore options.

For private sales to help fund this innovative program, please email for bulk orders before November 25.

Seed 3 Investment Price  (November 11 to November 25)

Bulk price increments:

  • 500,000 TEEN – .5 ETH or .011 BTC  (approx. $100 canadian)
  • Please email your price request. Orders are filled first come, first serve.


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