Teen Coin Files Cryptocurrency QR Code Google SKU Patent

Teen Coin is proud to announce it’s completion of the first ever Google Cloud SKU QR Code algorithm on the ERC20 protocol.  Founder and lead architect of Teen Coin, Robert Chernish, successfully tested the protocol over the past 8 months using a variety of artificial intelligence relay systems under the proprietary DNI protocol, which uses a smart relay system within the microwave communication band.

After solving some of the initial communication and relay issues relating to cost and efficiency, Mr. Chernish was able to program a microchip using an “ICE” Integrated Circuit Exchange to transfer information as a currency. This way smart devices that relay information are able to accept information as currency, which is one of the premises that underlies the concept of blockchain mining and cryptocurrency. Now the devices themselves are able to make money because of the information they send and receive. Each send and receive input/output is known as a transaction. Just like a normal TX hash is unique, so they can be applied as SKUs, or QR-Code in the same unique fashion.”

This was just the beginning for the design required a functional system to be adopted by both humans and machines alike.

“In order for the banks to accept cryptocurrency, the logic had to be appealing from a customer’s standpoint, and also useful beyond the traditional paper money currency.  Using Teen Coin as a bridge currency for the next generation was the most obvious step to equip future investors with the tools to properly secure their financial future.”

“To make our currency unique, we had to go one step further than competition in order to make our coins not only bank-worthy, but also consumer worthy, and machine-worthy all at the same time. By using the QR-Code-Generator with our ERC20 Contract Address, we were able to create 13.5 billion different QR-Codes. Once I started working with Google as a Controller, I managed to convert our QR codes into SKU codes and apply them to almost every type of merchandise and product on earth, thus giving Teen Coin the largest product inventory of any cryptocurrency on earth.”


Teen Coin was designed to attract young investors so they could have a knowledge and understanding of digital currency, as well as attract investors who recognize the important of modern and future banking. Teen Coin is compatible with both humans, and machines, and recently completed their QR-Code-Google SKU patent filing under the USPTO.

“I am sure this recent filing will bring value to our product line as both a currency and merchandising business now, and well into the future. Having a patent on cryptocurrency QR-Code and SKU recognition is something no one has ever thought of, and should we be interested in licensing or challenging our competitors in the future, this will definitely add some weight to our field of gravity,” said Chernish.



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