Buying Teen Coin at the Bank Branch Level (How-To)


Welcome new investors! You may be curious as to how the Teen Account works with our local banking partners at the Branch level.

As you may know digital currency is becoming more and more popular around the world, especially with younger generations, making Teen Coin a top contender for youth, and investors worldwide.


1> Branch creates the Teen Account, which is a pooled GIC/Savings Style Account where all deposits are made into the account so that it can be used as an insurance/safety fund against risk of losses. This GIC style of account will be interest bearing to prevent future risk should the Teen Account ever experience future difficulties, and also allow for the bank to increase their reserves.

2> Increments of $10 will be accepted upon deposit, whereby each $10 will buy 10,000 Teen Coins. There will also be a $5 one-time fee to provide investor with their digital wallet and a small amount of ETH.

3> After deposit, the investor will download the Imtoken App, and provide the Bank teller with their deposit address (approx. 2 mins).

4> The bank teller then sends the Teen Coin and ETH to the Investor’s wallet (5 mins)

5> The investor can then buy, sell, trade on the Saturn Network or Lon Token exchange, or save their Teen Coin future use, or use directly to buy  and sell with merchant partners, or use with Google Pay or Samsung Pay (in negotiations).

This Teen Account will be an excellent marketing tactic and safe way for banks to introduce cryptocurrency markets, as well as secure an emerging market of younger bankers.

I expect the training and implementation of this project to take approximately 1 hour to introduce and implement at the bank level, and to be a billion dollar deal.

The total time at branch is less than 15 minutes, and opens up a new and innovative way to bank and save in a zero-risk environment.

I look forward to negotiating and implementing this deal at your earliest convenience.


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