TEEN offers #airdrop – lists on Marketview Exchange

Teen Coin (myteencoin.com) recently partnered with the Marketviewx community to be bought, sold, and traded with the ETH and MVX trading pairs effective November 28, 2019.

This is the second exchange listing for Teen, which currently trades on Saturn.Network exchange.

Teen Coin placed 4th amongst the 256 trading pairs in volume during the week of November 22-27 on the Saturn Exchange, and is proud to announce that it continues to work with banking partners to find the best solution for rolling out Teen Coin to the masses.

The first step is to get TEEN to become more recognized as the premium coin for youth and the next generation of investors. In many cases, adults are buying the coins as a way to save for their children, making it a great project for the long-term.

There is currently a 2000 person airdrop going on for new members of Marketviewx, offering 500 coins to all new users. While this may seem insignificant now, once a deal is struck with the bank, we will see the price grow to .004 cents per coin. This offers a nice upside for those willing to do a little computer work on social media, and a great opportunity for investors to get in ahead of the swing.

Teen focuses it’s use cases on shopping, booking adventures, paying bills, and most recently, to be used as part of the Google Pay and Samsung Pay NFC wallets, which is currently in discussion.

“We are really taking Teen to the next level with our awesome marketing and excellent technology to leverage the coin to the next generation of investors,” said Mr. Chernish, CEO of Teen Coin.

Teen Coin raised $3,000 in funding during the 2018 fundraising campaign and has been working very hard behind the scenes to add value and grow it’s presence in North America with blue chip investors.

In January 2020, Teen Coin will be partnering with the Aircoins Game, where game players will be able to collect the Teen Tokens in Augmented Reality game. This will be a great way for TEEN to showcase itself to the gaming world, and add a lot of value to the project.

Teen Coin continues to reach out to new users, youth groups, and new partners are coming onboard each day to help get the word out about the  goal of Teen coin to prevent violence and abuse worldwide.

“Now that we have created games, marketing campaigns, exchange listings, banking partners, legal partners, and a loyal group of supporters, there is much more work to be done to bring us to the top of the blockchain.”

“This is a great opportunity for Teen to become noticed by an international community of exchange users, as well as an opportunity to grow and help the Marketview exchange become more reliable and prosperous for its community base.”

Teen Coin recently celebrated it’s first birthday in September, and is becoming more recognized as the choice-coin for new and emerging traders.

“It is the top coin for teenagers and youth who want to become part of the cryptocurrency revolution, and is easily bought, sold, traded and stored on the Imtoken mobile wallet.”

As we grow, we are looking for ambassadors and influencers to help get the name of TEEN to the top of the blockchain. Are you ready to make the jump to Teen and empower yourself?

Email: chernish@myteencoin.com  (subject: TEEN) 2-3 business days for reply.


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