TEEN Coin Advances to 2020 #entrepreneurlife


CEO, Robert Chernish, is actively working with potential banking partners to spearhead an integration process with a commercial partner to help endorse the project at the bank level, and was recently awarded an advancement to Stage 2 of the ATBX business program.

“I have spent the past few years reaching out to banks to establish a bridge between digital currency and fiat, and from the most recent talks, some of the banks are opening up to the idea of helping youth bridge the gap in a safe and innovative manner” said Chernish.

Most recently, Mr. Chernish pitched the concept of the “Teen Account” as part of a business program, where he advanced to the second round.


TEEN Coin is happy to report healthy trading activity in the latter half of 2019 as development partners increased production and development on the trading engines and introduced a new user interface on the Saturn Network.

“Volume has been consistent on the Saturn Network as part of a protocol testing program on behalf of Teen Coin to ensure that the blockchain is recording transaction accurately,” said Chernish.

The average trading price of Teen in Q3 and Q4 is 0.000002 ETH, or .0004 cents per token making a total market cap close to $4,000,000.

One of the primary drivers of Teen Coin heading into 2020 is to achieve a stronger market volume presence by adding investment funds on the buy side as a support for increased liquidity, which will be an essential part of the negotiations with the chosen bank partners.

Adding New Markets

Teen Coin is also looking to open it’s exposure to new markets, including the most recent listing on MarketViewx.com where users can trade TEEN and ETH.

Mr. Chernish is also looking to add a few more listings later in December, or early 2020 as part of a larger marketing program with the Aircoins.co game, so that players in the game will have a plethora of trading options available to them.


“We want to be well represented around the world on global exchanges because we do not want to discriminate based on region, age, size, sex, or any other preference choice. We want to be a stable coin that offers strong liquidity regardless of where our investors are and to continue to grow the network.”

There are also rumours that Facebook is considering using Teen Coin as a Stable Coin for their trading engine because of the large reserve which is saved for a banking partner.

“Whether it is Facebook, Google Pay, Apply Pay, or Samsung Pay, or another banking partner, it will ultimately come down to a larger integration that is at the macro-level, so for now we are not choosing any one player to team up with since at this point it seems like if we are going to get consensus, then it will likely just all boil back down to TEEN COIN since it is the best suited for global adoption.”

While many of these rumours are flying around, there is some truth to the fact that Teen Coin is best suited for the next generation of investors, and ultimately, the natural choice for bridging the gap between paper money and digital currency.

“Our metrics of 13.5 Billion Coins was chosen based on an algorithm that suits a dynamic global population that includes Hong Kong, Japan, Europe, North America, and also compensates for AI bots and intergalactic civilians. While only the top echelon is studying the metro-currency dynamics, we know that TEEN is a top contender for business, and we look forward to integrating the intergalactic registry with our UN partners and our tech partners at MIT.”


Since our debut with IBM, we were able to secure some strong patents that give TEEN a leg up on the competition as well as some strong value on the intellectual property side.

“The markets don’t reflect the true value of TEEN. Positing it at five million is under-representation. It’s true value is closer to 76 Billion dollars, and our banking partners know that. They are just trying to get the right bag of tricks to make sure that everything works.”

As a work-around to the security and risk issues associated with digital currency, Mr. Chernish devised an account that works perfectly with the local banks by having investors pitch 10 dollars into the “TEEN ACCOUNT” which is a GIC-style account so that investors always have their initial contribution held in reserve. This model eliminates all the risk, and provides a stable bridge between the digital currency and traditional paper money.

“We are looking forward to striking a deal within the next 6 months, but likely it will be much sooner. I think 2020 will make the banks wake-up and smell the coffee, and at that time, we will have our plan ready for implementation,” said Chernish.

Teen Coin is currently in talks with finexbox.com to add a listing in the Hong Kong Markets, which will also add value to the project.

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