TEEN Airdrop to Saturn Hodlers

Do you trade on the Saturn Exchange?

If so, congratulations!

On December 05, 2019 Teen Coin will be using the Airdrop tool to reward users of the Saturn Exchange.

While the airdrop is minimal, there is also a loyalty bonus for traders who hold more than 525,000 tokens by December 31, 2019. Saturn users can click here to get their airdrops.

For traders who buy or hold more than 525,000 Teen Coins by December 31, 2019 they will be rewarded with 5,000 Saturn Tokens and be eligible to become part of the Board of Directors of Teen Coin!

  This is an excellent opportunity to engage in our business planning and development as an investor, and organizational leader, as well as get a nice bonus of Saturn Coins!

Enjoy the airdrop, and feel free to invest and HODL TEEN as it continues to grow and increase in value. In January, TEEN will be launched in the Aircoins game where it will be exposed to 10000s of investors.


Check back on this article on December 31st to complete your application to be on the Board of Directors if you hold more than 525,000 Teen by December 31st, 2019.

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