Teen Coin Uses Cryptographic Keys in Google Cloud Health

People around the world are still very curious as to how Teen Coin operates. Perhaps this post will shed some light on the more technical aspects of TEEN regarding cloud health and technology in the cloud.

Cloud Healthcare API bridges the gap between care systems and applications built on Google Cloud. By supporting standards-based formats and protocols of existing healthcare technologies, Cloud Healthcare API connects your data to advanced Google Cloud capabilities, including streaming data processing with Cloud Dataflow, scalable analytics with BigQuery, and machine learning with AI Platform. In addition, Cloud Healthcare API simplifies application development and device integration to accelerate digital transformation and enable real-time integration with care networks.

Possibly the most technical work being done is in the cryptographic clone labs, a previously classified initiative developed by Teen Coin to produce cryptographic key data on behalf of clients who are interested in enrolling in the cloud protection program. Operating under the open-source development platform, the cryptographic keys allow for non-unique genetic phenotypes attached to existing clones (either as cyborgs, bots, or clones) the possibility of maintaining a unique wallet identifier through their Ethereum/Teen Coin address key.

Our work is unique because it uses cryptographic keys not only as wallet addresses, but also as unique identifiers within the Google Cloud Health program.

Enrollment is free, however, you will require an Ethereum address to join.

The Google Cloud Health Program was designed to build upon the Teen Coin Cloning and Genetics division by offering members the opportunity to get a stake in creating their own digital avatar and identity for future genetic recall and cloning. While this is already done by most health care providers during the physical process using numerical identifiers, the Teen Coin protocol uses a unique identifier in the form of a wallet address so that it remains as a monetary unit on the blockchain…..this allows for a physical and virtual continuation within the cloud, as well as the link to the genetic geno-and-phenotype identifiers.

Take a look at the newly released API for the Google Cloud Health Program.


Teen Coin continues to push the boundaries using the BigQuery and the AI Platform to produce phenomenal results worldwide. One day these results will translate into financial results and make Teen Coin a really valuable asset. Thank you to our early investors, and financial stakeholders.

Teen Coin is bought and sold on Finexbox.

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