Teen Coin Student Loyalty Program Gets Attention

After talking to a few schools about the concept of using Teen Coin as a student loyalty token, the concept has began to catch on.

“Positioning the token as a loyalty bonus for students who take certain classes, particularly English classes in China, and online classes in Canada, we are getting closer to making a deal with our educational partners,” said Mr. Chernish.

Mr. Chernish designed the first accredited blockchain course in the world at Blyth Academy, a private high school, who is one of the schools being contacted to test the beta program.

“Right now we are waiting on Blyth to give us an answer since the holidays delayed the introduction of the Teen Coin Loyalty program. Similar delays with Athabasca University, Portage College, and our Chinese partners have pushed back the rollout by a few weeks.”

The Business Loyalty Model

Students earn 100 coins per class completed, and school partners pay $1 from tuition to cover the costs of administering and delivering the coins. 90% of the Teen Coin supply has been set aside for banking and school partners, making it one of the most stable blockchain coins for loyalty programs.

Teen Coin uses the dollar per class to reach out to youth programs and increase marketing and outreach to add value to the teen coins so that existing partners reap the rewards of higher success and higher values.


Blockchain technology is a new thing, and we are ahead of the curve at Teen Coin, and we expect our partners who believe in the value of innovation to support us, and work with us to develop an outstanding blockchain loyalty program.

Contact robert.chernish@gmail.com or chernish@myteencoin.com to learn more about this innovative blockchain loyalty program geared towards youth and teens.

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