Ethereum Foundation Audits Network Protocol: Approves It

In a recent audit by the Ethereum Foundation, the ERC20 Protocol where Teen Coin is publicly traded on the Saturn Network DEX, was approved. The big win for Saturn Network means they will be publishing their contract call as an open source software platform, which may lead to Atomic Arbitrage in the near future. Teen Coin is glad to be part of this exciting development and may airdrop some Saturn Tokens to Teen Coin holders when Atomic Arbitrage goes live.


Saturn writes:

The order book smart contract that powers trading via Saturn Protocol on Ethereum and Ethereum Classic has been updated as we move ever closer to the release of Atomic Arbitrage trading. You can always use our System Status page to view our active order book contracts.


The new order book code has been deployed successfully and is live on the exchange. We are also happy to announce that Saturn Network took part in the new Ethereum Spot Check Program, with our smart contract being audited by Scott Bigelow from the Ethereum Foundation. To improve transparency, our DEX smart contract will soon be open sourced and verified on block explorers. We are preparing a follow up write up to go over the experience, along with publishing our code via our Github account.

Any orders on our previous smart contracts are still tradeable and visible on the exchange. On this occasion, we ask traders to cancel all existing open orders and recreate them, to take advantage of the new secure smart contract.

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