CPD Blockchain Loyalty Rewards Concept

What does it look like?

For the CPD Blockchain Platform, we use existing templates from CPDformula.com, except offer only Blockchain related courses and a Loyalty Reward in the form of MyTeen Coin.

What are the rewards?

In essence, it is a Blockchain / Fintech platform for professional development courses that focus on the steadily growing blockchain market. To make the platform more attractive, Teen Coins are paid to both instructors and learners of 10,000 coins per student / completed course. This way teachers and students can reap the rewards of coin collecting, and enjoy bonuses from learning on the CPDblockchain platform.

100,000 Coins nets you a free course! Or, you can trade your coins on the cryptocurrency exchange, or save them for future loyalty rewards or perks.

The coins are also included in one of the fastest growing blockchain apps, and is in negotiations with a bank regarding using the coins as loyalty GIC option, as well as traded publicly with other cryptocurrencies on Finexbox, or Saturn Exchange.

Make the Leap!

Making the leap onto the blockchain will only add value for both instructors and learners who decide they want to save their coins.

At the end of each course, the student simply completes the Google Form outlining the course they took, completion date, and ethereum wallet to where the coins are sent.

You can get your ethereum wallet from the Imtoken App, or Saturn Wallet.


There are 100 Million Coins dedicated to this program so enjoy the longevity of this loyalty reward.

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