In an effort to increase use of Teen Coin, we have developed a plan for central bank digital currency deployment options for our banking partners.

RIGOROUS TESTING:Having spent 2 years testing the blockchain with perfect reporting and 0 errors on over 1000 transactions, our blockchain has proven to be very effective as a payment solutions platform.

We have proposed the following stock buyout options using favorable term pricing allowing for par pricing on a 3 year term as an alternative to a front-exit acquisition; however either option is available.

Option A: Purchase 12 Billion Coins (88%) for $400,000 CAD (0.000033 per coin). Teen Coin continues operations and grows equity using a Token Economy.

Option B:

Year 1: Invest $100,000 CAD and get 3 Billion Coins.

Option to invest Year 2: Invest $100,000 CAD and get 3 Billion Coins.

Option to invest Year 3: Invest $100,000 CAD and get 3 Billion Coins.

BEHIND THE PRICING: Moving from an September 2018 ICO price of 0.0000075 cents to the October 2020 valuation of 0.000033 cents is a 4.4x increase in two years, or an average price-double year over year. It is expected that price will continue to maintain an aggressive growth strategy on par with the 2x growth year over year.

Offering a locked-term price of .000033 cents allows for our partner the pricing option to lock-in profits under this term agreement model, however it does not allow for as large an acquisition as the front-exit model where price can be more wholly controlled as a majority partner.

THE BANK IS THE BUYER:By contracting the 88% during the front-exit, pricing can be stabilized and risk can be absorbed, and makes sense only for a Capital Partner interested in banking or money management to be the Buyer, eg. bank, venture capital firm, or fund management company, or a dragon investor of similar size.

WHERE WILL THE RAISED FUNDS GO? 50% of monies raised will go towards purchase of Ethereum Currency, the staple requirement for using TEEN. 25% will go to debt financing. 25% will go to administration and product development.


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