Government Stimulus in Form of Teen Coin

Problem: COVID-19 relief measures are costing billions of dollars and sinking the economy.

Solution: Acquire the Teen Coin reserves (12,000,000,000 Coins / 88% stake) and seed it to the mass-public by adding a button in the government website that allows citizens to enter their Ethereum Imtoken Wallet Address in an email form, and then they will be provided with 400 Teen Coins as part of a market seeding COVID-19 Fintech response (max. 30 million accounts).

Solution 2: Seeding the market with tokens will benefit citizens as Teen reaches to international markets, adding value to national stakeholders, and improving their net worth, an important quantitative measure in studying financial success and well-being.

Value Added Benefits:

FOMO: Allows citizens of all walks of life to participate on the blockchain FinTech revolution as part of a sponsored campaign through the Federal Government, offering perks and rewards to citizens to help improve their quality of life without the fear of missing out on digital currencies during COVID-19 pandemic times.

LEGISLATION and REGULATORY APPROVAL: Note that the current terms and definitions outlined by the Government on viewing digital currencies as a Property or Asset should remain unchanged, and in this case, the Teen Coins would be considered an Asset that is subject to capital gains tax at time of disposition. There is no tax line needed during holding period, and should only be taxed at disposition (when converted to CAD in PayPal).

CONVERTING TEEN TO ETH: Users receive their Teen Coins to the mobile Imtoken wallet on their phone, and are free to use their coins however they see fit, including selling on Finexbox exchange or with market partners like PayPal where they can convert to CAD.


This is a major benefit to citizens to be able to participate on the global Fintech revolution as part of a government relief measure, and offers many opportunities for increasing the quality of life as we move to the future of financial systems.

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