Projected Prices to 2025, where TEEN is projected to stabilize in price with the CAD based on predictive modelling and current supply logistics. Note that the value of the currency increases with a growing social demand over time. Compounded by intel value from the Teen Coin blockchain, it is expected that the price of the coin will increase over time.

All prices are in Canadian dollars.

2018: 0.0000075

2019: 0.00001

2020: 0.000033

2021: 0.00009

2022: 0.0003

2023: 0.01

2024: 0.09

2025: 1.00

Prices fluctuate due to market conditions, and the coins could realize price gains much more quickly than predictive modelling suggests if investors come to the table. Should there be a pandemic-driven shift into the token economy, it could leave some countries advancing more collectively than others and create inequality among global citizens. It is important to give these people an early headstart into cryptocurrency and allow value propositions to reward the coin-holders over time as buying and selling creates a token economy.

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