$700 Web Development Credit from AWS (Amazon Web Services)

Here we are creating the tree of organizational units at a very basic level using the 4 organizations of Blockchain, Merchant Services, Payment Gateway, and Social Media, and can invite accounts into the myteencoin account management with AWS Platform.



WE are working to record transaction data from Etherscan onto AWS cloud data as data backup policy measure for VIP clients.

We can migrate account data from Etherscan to Amazon Web Services, where Teen Coin received $700 Development Credit to code on their platform and finds the platform to be very intuitive for web management accounting.

We can also create accounts directly within the Google Cloud Platform to manage identies in the cloud, making us one of the few blockchains capable of syncing into Google Cloud using Teen Coin combination of coin transfer metrics, which are unique on the blockchain.


Included in the service platform are built in policies regarding use of AI (artificial intelligence) by having it interface with other systems by creating wallet tags, which are associated with the Imtoken Wallet.

A Payment Gateway is added to the tree of organizational units Blockchain, Social Media, Merchant Services. Here we have setup the MyTeenCoin account as a testing platform for account management and feel AWS has the scaling capacity to add wallet key tags to account users for key storage.

Setting up the AWS Organizations after receiving $700 Development Credit was one of the first things we did once we received the credit, now it is time to continue development testing AWS with Google Cloud Platform to create unique key tags using the organize accounts function within the AWS Organizations Platform.

While still creeping into new territory, it is like an organizational science project in full swing, and one that is vying to stay afloat during pandemic surges.

“We think we can stay ahead of the pandemic with our technology because we are allowed to work from home and operate remotely, making it easier to increase development from a distance using Zoom meetings and going to digital conferences.

Chernish, has been working with a poor connection in northern Canada and anticipates doing more business with Teen in the coming months as we continue to increase work on experiential territory in blockchain account systems integrations.

Our codes are focused on the Google Cloud Platform, integratinng Imtoken Wallet Tags to manage account inventories as we begin to develop a database of Teen Coin holders.

We are also growinng our Merchant Services integration options to troubleshoot and assist with Paypal integrations in early 2021 to approach an adoption strategy to offer Teen as a conversion option. While far-reaching, it is aligned with Teen’s high level account adoption strategy which continues to grow as indicated by the number of transfer and transactions and wallet holders data from Etherscan.


using Etherscan data allows for our ledger to be public so every transaction is open to the public creating a truly democratic check and balance system, as well as supply and transaction tracking, which can be accessed using the key tags, or unique ethereum wallet addresses, as the Key Tags, or genetic tags in the cloud health, linking blockchain technology to new industries in a lateral transfer model of technology transfer.

This can also be applied in oil, gas, and green energy sectors using production tokens instead of using them as loyalty tokens. The principle is the same when you create value on the blockchain through it’s use.

Google Cloud has offered MyTeenCoin a $300 credit to develop services using the Google Cloud Platform.

“With the downtime from the Pandemic we are spending less time watching the blockchain and more time setting up the ecosystem. We have committed to the project and are building into mainstream systems for a reason. We know that blockchain is a new technology and we want to continue to be at the forefront of innovation by doing stuff no-one has ever done before and eventually get credit for it by using the Teen Coin blockchain as a system of leverage in computing power because of it’s large supply networks, Teen has a unique opportunity to deploy coins effectively. Right now we are doing email transfer of coins to those who use the Imtoken wallet as a covid social relief strategy.

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