Government Stimulus in Form of Teen Coin

Problem: COVID-19 relief measures are costing billions of dollars and sinking the economy. Solution: Acquire the Teen Coin reserves (12,000,000,000 Coins / 88% stake) and seed it to the mass-public by adding a button in the government website that allows citizens to enter their Ethereum Imtoken Wallet Address in an email form, and then they … Continue reading Government Stimulus in Form of Teen Coin


In an effort to increase use of Teen Coin, we have developed a plan for central bank digital currency deployment options for our banking partners. RIGOROUS TESTING:Having spent 2 years testing the blockchain with perfect reporting and 0 errors on over 1000 transactions, our blockchain has proven to be very effective as a payment solutions … Continue reading RESERVE ACQUISITION PRICING OPTIONS 2020-2021

Teen Coin Wallet On Your Phone

Google Search Imtoken App and download/install app: Once you have downloaded the app, copy and paste your ethereum address into an email: email your ethereum address to and you will receive 50,000 coins during this promotional period. HOW MUCH IS TEEN WORTH? Each TEEN coin is worth about .00005 cents, and has tripled … Continue reading Teen Coin Wallet On Your Phone

Accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, Teen Coin At Your Business

We are shortlisting businesses willing to participate in a steering committee on digital currency merchant services, particularly relating to accepting Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Teen Coin and hope you can join! BLOCKCHAIN-READY BUSINESS FORM With the recent move by Paypal to allow users to buy and sell currencies directly on their platform, it is clear that … Continue reading Accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, Teen Coin At Your Business

Zoom Meeting November 06, 2:00 MST (Origins, Goals, and Future)

Teen Coin is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.   Learn about MyTeenCoin, it's origins, goals, and future during this presentation from Project Founder Robert Chernish Topic: MyTeenCoin Time: Nov 6, 2020 02:00 PM Edmonton Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 744 8345 1722 Passcode: sKq9Gv  

Teen Coin Lists on CoinGecko –> (price, marketcap, chart, info)

Teen Coin is pleased to announce that after 3 months of market trading and testing on the Saturn Network, and weeks of work with CoinGecko, the charts and pricing information is now working! In order for the prices and charts to be displayed on Coingecko, there must be some active trading on Teen. In lieu … Continue reading Teen Coin Lists on CoinGecko –> (price, marketcap, chart, info)

Teen Coin Uses Cryptographic Keys in Google Cloud Health

People around the world are still very curious as to how Teen Coin operates. Perhaps this post will shed some light on the more technical aspects of TEEN regarding cloud health and technology in the cloud. Cloud Healthcare API bridges the gap between care systems and applications built on Google Cloud. By supporting standards-based formats … Continue reading Teen Coin Uses Cryptographic Keys in Google Cloud Health

MyTeen Coin Young Entrepreneur Program

  MYTEEN COIN YOUNG ENTREPRENEUR PROGRAM Now accepting business ideas or use cases for MyTeenCoin Cryptocurrency to grow their business models.  Successful ideas will be funded to help grow the MyTeen Coin ecosystem with research institutions or individuals.   To help young entrepreneurs engage in the cryptocurrency ecosystem safely, and affordably, and provide a cryptocurrency … Continue reading MyTeen Coin Young Entrepreneur Program