MyTeenCoin Whitepaper

Teen Coin Products and Services 2020

As many of you know, Teen Coin is at the forefront of innovation, with very few competitors doing what Teen Coin does. Here are some of the basics that Teen Coin does to add value to the blockchain project:

1. Youth advocacy to reduce poverty among teens, and adults.

2. Provides litigation referral services to youth in crisis.

3. Provides sports and educational counseling for youth.

4. Gives students tokens as part of a loyalty program with participating schools.

5. Documents intellectual property claims by writing them to the blockchain as part of the Teen Coin Innovation Program.

6. Provides Google Health security profiles using Ethereum Wallet Addresses and DNA codes to provide unique registry profiles.

7. Provides merchant services to businesses looking to integrate onto the blockchain by accepting Ethereum based payments.

8.  Provides risk management consulting on blockchain based products.

9. Provides funding for youth to help integrate Teen Coin into businesses through the Young Entrepreneur Program.

10. Provides a bridge between traditional banking services and blockchain currencies through the proposed “Teen Account.

Teen Coin is also slated to be in the Aircoins Augmented Reality Video Game in March, 2020, which will add the coin to the list of collectable coins by the 55,000 gamers who play.

A coin dedicated to fun and games, while also creating opportunities for youth and business.

Vision and Mission

  • Vision: To be one of the first digital currencies to partner with traditional banks through the “Teen Account.”
  • Mission:  To integrate Teen Coin with key partners, stakeholders, and organizations to achieve the Vision.


How To Get Teen Coin?


Goals and Objectives

  • The goal of Teen is to create a bridge account between traditional banking institutions and blockchain currencies using the Imtoken wallet.


Target Market / Customer

Our customer is primarily aged between 11 and 39 and is readying themselves to open their first digital currency account. Older investors who see the value of the “Teen Account” are also eligible to participate in the Teen Account.

By introducing people to Teen Coin, they can see how the technology works, and also create new possibilities for using the coin as a form of payment on merchandise and how it can be used to create innovative business models.  We know that if we equip our teens with this currency, they will use it and make it successful.

Token Supply and Distribution:

  • 500 Million distributed during 2018 fundraiser, and publicly traded (2018)
  • 1 Billion reserved for airdrops, bounties, and private sale  (2018-2022)
  • 12 Billion reserved for Teen Account Bank Sales.

ERC20 Contract Address:  0xd3003b3778bf4887e73eb320b71a04728961505c

Supply:  13,500,000,000 (decimals:8)   — Twitter



Teen Coin was created to help the younger generation learn about cryptocurrency, as well as attract older investors who see the value of the project.  It is dedicated to creating opportunities for all holders, regardless of age, by educating people about cryptocurrency.

Major Projects:

  • Google Pay Merchant Listing (completed December 05, 2019)
  • Samsung Pay Listing (In Progress)
  • Banking Partner (In Progress)


Increase outreach to TEEN and Youth based programs as part of a loyalty program using Google Pay, including Future Business Leaders of America, and other programs aimed toward supporting children’s well-being. The goal of Teen Coin is to give children and youth a secure financial future by having adults invest and grow value for the next generation of investors.


In an ideal model, adults would invest in the coin and children would then reinvest 15-30 years later to support the retirement of the adults.