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Supply:  13,500,000,000 (decimals:8)

Symbol: Teen

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Teen Coin was created to help the younger generation learn about cryptocurrency, as well as attract older investors who see the value of the project.  It is dedicated to creating opportunities for all holders, regardless of age, by creating development projects for youth and philanthropists around the world.

The TEEN Coins are already produced and in active circulation, listed on Bleutrade, and can be found in the Aircoins.co game.


Vision and Mission

  • Vision: To have Teen Coin Coin integrated worldwide as an educational coin for people to learn about Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency.


  • Mission:  To integrate Teen Coin with key partners, stakeholders, and organizations to achieve the Vision.

How To Get Teen Coin?






  • The coin can be sent, received, traded by personal holders using the HTML Wallet.


  • Teen Coin has also submitted their payment for listing in the Aircoins game, so Teen Coin hunters can find the coin in the game also (October, 2018)


Goals and Objectives

  • The goal of teen is to create fun and teach users about cryptocurrency, while maintaining a very low value so that people can afford to buy it, trade it, and have fun with it.


  • There is a lot of stress about cryptocurrency, so the basic premise of Teen Coin is to teach kids, adults, and anyone else, how to use cryptocurrency.  Many people do not have the money, or are not confident enough to buy expensive coins.


  • Teen Coin allows people to buy some and install the wallet for just a few pennies, and learn how to use the coin.  The project is dedicated to educating individuals around the world on how to use Teen Coin, so that they better understand the blockchain technology, and how it can impact our world.


Target Market / Customer

Our target market are the people in the world who don’t know how to use cryptocurrency.  We want to help them understand how blockchain technology works by introducing them to Teen Coin so that they have a better knowledge of the technology.  By introducing people to Teen Coin, we are preparing them to be compatible with the future technologies that many businesses, universities, and organizations already use.

By introducing people to Teen Coin, they can see how the technology works, and also create new possibilities for using the coin as a form of payment on projects and business models.  We know that if we equip our teens with this currency, they will use it and make it successful.

If people are scared about sending cryptocurrency because of a potential monetary loss, then they will be discouraged to use it.  Consider Teen coin as a an excellent coin for learning the ropes of cryptocurrency, as well as tool for promoting blockchain development among youth and adults.

It is designed to give its users the chance to have fun, collect and trade the coins, and its primary use case is to educate new users about the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency without having to spend a fortune.  It is also designed to give the users a vehicle and tool for creation. It is cheap enough to mass adopt, and also safe to use so kids can play games and use teen coin as a means of keeping score of games, bets, or anything else they want to create.


Token Distribution Plan


  • Aircoins Game: 2 Billion
  • HTML Bunker Exchange: 1.35 BLN
  • Crowdfund Pre-Sale: 5 BLN
  • Future Business Leaders of America Partnership: 1 BLN
  • Airdrops and Bounties: 1 BLN
  • Bleutrade Public Sale: 2.15 BLN
  • HTML Bunker Public Sale: 1 BLN


The Technology

The Teen Coin was originally produced on the Ethereum Blockchain as an ERC20 Token, but was later migrated to the Althash chain for more economical transaction value.  To use the token on the ERC20 chain, kids and users would have been paying anywhere from .5 cents to 20 cents every time they sent their friends some coin, but with the Althash Chain, it is now less than .00001 cent, making it affordable for even the poorest people.


The Teen Coin Wallet is currently available as a desktop version for Mac and PC, with exchange wallets available on Bleutrade and HTML Bunker.

It can take anywhere from a couple seconds to a few minutes to send coins to a friend, partner, or loved one.


“A crypto coin dedicated to fun and games, while also creating opportunities for youth and business.”



https://t.me/teencoin  – Teen Coin telegram / Help Chat

https://twitter.com/coin_teen   — Twitter (Follow)